Shower Business

This was a very silly idea indeed and is probably the most watched thing I’ve been a part of to date. Absolute nonsense.


10 Easy Steps to Write the Perfect Tweet

It’s not easy to tweet, as this essential guide proves. More silliness co-written with Sadler and directed by Rob Hatton.


That Friend Who’s Stopped Drinking

A sketch I wrote about Dry January and a demonstration of how not to not drink. Lovely directing and editing from Rob Hatton.


Last Orders

We’ve all got that one mate who’s always trying to take the piss. Performed by Dan Kiss and Matt Lee in Porter’s, Cardiff, where they shared a stage* with Lin-Manuel Miranda!

*Their spots were roughly 3 years apart at very separate events. 


Nationalisation is a Crime

Co-written with Jon Long, this was part of Power to the People, a panel show pilot produced by Charlotte Cooper. She also produced and edited this sketch and did a cracking job. The premise was: What if the Tories tried to do social media content? And this was the result.